Wish-it-was-Easter carrot cake

Ok ok, I know. Easter holidays have come and gone and we’re all back to work at full speed. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t indulge a little longer.

This carrot cake is the best way if you need to feel on holiday again. It’s the softest and moistest cake in the world. Even Bugs Bunny agrees!


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A day at the races

These last two weeks have been soo full – and tiring – that my poor scrapbook has been just sitting there all this time. So, time to catch up and fill the pages with some fun stuff!

A few weeks ago we set off early on a foggy Sunday morning to kick start the MX season at Ottobiano.

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Waffles, chocolate & architecture

Wandering in the streets of Brussels, you come across the most incredibly tempting windows. Bursting with chocolate, pralines, macarons and meringues.

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White & mauve

I love those days when it’s still winter, but it’s warm enough to go out without a coat. This particular day our weekend walk brought us near Lake Maggiore just after sunset.

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A trip to Brussels

One of my favourite things in life is travelling. Getting to know new places, exploring cities, wandering in awe with my nose in the air… if I could I would be up & about every other week.

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