A trip to Brussels

One of my favourite things in life is travelling. Getting to know new places, exploring cities, wandering in awe with my nose in the air… if I could I would be up & about every other week.

Of course this is not possible (sigh…), so I try to make the most of small holidays, long weekends and exploring my own neighborhood.

This time, Leo and I packed our bags and took an early flight to Brussels for a couple of days.

I’m a huge Magritte fan, so our absolute first stop was the Magritte museum, just outside the city centre.


Busy admiring and staring at the paintings I didn’t take many pictures. One more reason to go and visit if you’re in town 🙂 (also, if you’re under-26, entrance fee is only 2€!).

After a first day full of art, we spent the next exploring the city.

First: the big Basilica.



Sneakers – Similar coat – Bag – Skinny jeans


Although the wind wasn’t really on my side, we had a great time testing our photoshoot skills (we’re just beginners, but we’re working on it). After years of hatred for photos, seeing myself actually looking good is priceless. 🙂



Back from our walk we bumped in the Chinese New Year celebrations.






Colours, dancing, costumes, tai chi and pandas! It really made our day.


Much more of Brussels coming along in the next posts, so stay tuned!

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