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I’m Victoria a half-British, half-Italian 27 year old living in the north of Italy.
I’m a mechanical engineer and work full-time as a design engineer.

My father tought me to ride motorbikes when I was 11, but I didn’t start training and racing until my mid-twenties. Now I race in the Lombardy Enduro Championships and occasionally in the Italian Championships.

I love to travel.
I like to visit new cities and countries every year, but I also enjoy going back to places I already know and discover something new each time.
My dream is to combine my passion for motorbikes and my love of travelling and explore the world on two wheels.

Countries I have travelled to so far:
Belgium, Slovakia, Germany, England, Scotland, France, Greece, Switzerland and Italy

Fun facts about me

⇒ I’m obsessed with giant pandas
⇒ I’ve always been into sports: I tried swimming, took tennis lessons, played volleyball and rowed competitively for 10 years
⇒ I don’t believe in coffee
⇒ If there ever was a prize for worst procastinator, that would be mine
⇒ Ultimate travel bucket list: Alaska, Argentina & New Zealand
⇒ Ultimate enduro event goal: Erzberg Rodeo



I currently ride a 2012 KTM 250 EXC F I bought second-hand 3 years ago.
I ride it both during training and racing and I’ve been really happy with it.
I love the engine, the traction and the sense of stability I feel while riding it.

Being a short girl, the cons about this bike are the seat height (97 cm) and the weight  (107 kg), two things that can make a ride exhausting if I fall over too many times.

The bike’s blue look in the photo is by CIRWOnline

Thank you for reading!
For any question or if you just want to say hi, leave a comment below or send me an e-mail!

XXX Victoria

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