Bratislava, part 2: by night

While in Bratislava, we experienced the most breathtaking sunset ever.

One of the things I absolutely wanted to do in the city, was to go up the UFO tower (part of the Nový Most, one of the bridges over the Danube).95 meters high, its Observatory Deck can be reached in 45 sec with a lift for under 10€ and it offers unparalleled views over the city.

Our idea was to get up there with the sun still quite high up in the sky and then wait for it to go down from a privileged point of view.

Obviously we were late.

But just as we turned around a corner while hurrying to get to the bridge, we where surprised to the most amazing colours of the sky over the river. The sun was setting fast and the clouds turned to bright pink, violet, orange and yellow. There was no wind so everything was almost perfectly reflected in the water.
We stopped and watched and took photos, and realized that being late was not so bad after all. And the view of Bratislava from above was just as beautiful at night!

One other thing we couldn’t miss, being the middle of December, were the Christmas markets in the old town. We visited them almost every day to eat chicken sandwiches, drink mulled wine, watch people ice skating and look for souvenirs and presents. A good idea for a couple of days in the Christmas holidays.

Scroll down for photos 🙂







View from the UFO tower (info).


The other side of the bridge! ^^










Thank you for this trip, Bratislava – see you soon! Maybe next time I’ll try this – in the summer :-).


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